ELA Resources

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

ELA Units

One 1: Life, Love, and Learning

Unit 2: Determination and Perseverance

Unit 3: Seeing the Good in People

Unit 4: Belonging

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

Math Units

Unit 1: Number System Fluency

Unit 2: Rate, Ratio, & Proportional Reasoning Using Equivalent Fractions

Unit 3: Expressions

Unit 4: One Step Equations & Inequalities

Unit 5: Area & Volume

Unit 6: Statistics

Unit 7: Rational Explorations: Numbers & Their Opposites

Science Resources

Science Units

Unit 1: Inside The Earth

Unit 2: Water In Earth's Processes

Unit 3: Earth, Sun, & Moon

Unit 4: Climate & Weather

Unit 5: Universe & Solar System

Unit 6: Rocks & Minerals

Unit 7: Weathering & Erosion

Unit 8: Human Impact

Alternative Integrated Frameworks

Water In Motion

Natural Disasters

Where In The World

Space Camp

Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Units

Unit 1: Connecting Themes Used In Sixth Grade S.S.

Unit 2: Europe Today

Unit 3: Environmental & Economic Forces In Europe

Unit 4: Europe's Historical Influence

Unit 5: Latin America Today

Unit 6: Environmental & Economic Forces In Latin America

Unit 7: Latin America's Cultural Legacy

Unit 8: Canada Today

Unit 9: Environmental & Economic Forces In Canada

Unit 10: Australia

Unit 11: Your Financial Future