ELA Resources

ELA Units

Unit 1: There and Back Again: What Science Fiction Can Tell Us About Ourselves

Unit 2: Burning Bridges: What The History Has Taught Us About Civil Right

Unit 3: Individuality vs. Conformity: Realizing The Relationships & Responsibilities Between Individuals, Societies, & Communities

Unit 4: Demonstrating Character, from Average to Exceptional!

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Math Units

Unit 1: Operations With Rational Numbers

Unit 2: Expressions & Equations

Unit 3: Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Unit 4: Statistics

Unit 5: Geometry

Unit 6: Probability

Science Resources

Science Units

Unit 1: Organization Of Life

Unit 2: Energy Flow And Nutrient Cycling

Unit 3: Evidence Of Evolution

Unit 4: Genetics & Heredity

Unit 5: Interdependence Of Life

Unit 6: Structure & Function Of Cells

Alternative Integrated Frameworks

You Be The Ecologist

You Be The Cell Biologist

You Be The Geneticist

You Be The Epidemiologist

You Be The Taxonomist

You Be The Paleontologist

Biotechnology Tasks

Social Studies Resources

Teacher Notes:

Social Studies Units

Unit 1: Connecting Themes Used In Seventh Grade S.S.

Unit 2: The Modern Middle East

Unit 3: Impact Of Environmental & Economy On Southwest Asia

Unit 4: Origins Of Modern Southwest Asia

Unit 5: Southern & Eastern Asia In The 20th Century & Today

Unit 6: Impact of Environment & Economy On Southern & Eastern Asia

Unit 7: Historical Background For Southern & Eastern Asia

Unit 8: Africa Today

Unit 9: Impact Of Environment & Economy On Africa

Unit 10: Connecting Africa's Past With Africa's Present

Unit 11: Your Financial Future