ELA Resources

Kid Friendly ELA Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

ELA Units

Unit 1: Understanding My Space/Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System

Unit 2: Growing and Changing

Unit 3: Life Cycle Investigators

Unit 4: Game Time/Forces

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Kid Friendly Mathematics Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Common Core Checklists by The Curriculum Corner

Math Units

Unit 1: Extending Base Ten Understanding

Unit 2: Becoming Fluent With Addition And Subtraction

Unit 3: Understanding Measurement, Length, And Time

Unit 4: Applying Base Ten Understanding

Unit 5: Understanding Plane And Solid Figures

Unit 6: Developing Multiplication

Science Resources

Kid Friendly Science Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Science Units

Unit 1: Matter

Unit 2: Seasonal Changes

Unit 3: Energy

Unit 4: Pushes And Pulls

Unit 5: Changing Moon / Moving Sun

Alternative Integrated Frameworks

Look Outside! What's Changing Now?

Force - It's Happening (Energy, Push, And Pull)

Social Studies Resources

Kid Friendly Social Studies Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Social Studies Units

Unit 1: Using Connecting Themes

Unit 2: Our Georgia

Unit 3: Georgia's First People

Unit 4: Georgia Becomes A Colony

Unit 5: Georgians And Civil Rights

Unit 6: Being A Georgian Today: Jimmy Carter & Me