ELA Resources

Kid Friendly ELA Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

ELA Units
Lets Make New Friends/Amazing Friendships

America and Me

Leader by Day, Superhero by Night

Watch Me Grow!

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Kid Friendly Mathematics Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Common Core Checklists by The Curriculum Corner

Math Units
Counting With Friends

Building Numbers

Sophisticated Shapes

Investigating Addition And Subtraction

Measuring And Analyzing Data

Further Investigation Of Addition And Subtraction

Science Resources

Kid Friendly Science Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Science Units
It Is Alive...No It's Not!

Leaves, Weeds, And Other Green Things

A Pebble In My Pocket

Down On The Farm, And Up At The Zoo

Social Studies Resources

Kid Friendly Social Studies Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

Social Studies Units
Unit 1: Connecting Themes

Unit 2: The People In Our Neighborhood

Unit 3: Where In The World Are We?

Unit 4: Celebrating Our Differences

Unit 5: Being a Good American

Unit 6: You're A Grand Old Flag & Other Symbols