ELA Resources

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

ELA Units

Unit 1: The Sky is the Limit - Courage and Innovation

Unit 2: Is This for Real? The Amazing Events and Heroics That Gave Birth to the United States of America

Unit 3: Responsibility

Unit 4: It's Tough Being a Kid

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

Math Units

Unit 1: Whole Numbers, Place Value, And Rounding In Computation

Unit 2: Fraction Equivalents

Unit 3: Adding And Subtracting Fractions

Unit 4:Multiplying And Dividing Fractions

Unit 5: Fractions And Decimals

Unit 6: Geometry

Unit 7: Measurement

Science Resources

Science Units

Unit 1: Ecosystems

Unit 2: Forces And Motion

Unit 3: Light And Sound

Unit 4: The Stars And Our Solar System

Unit 5: Weather

Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Units

Unit 1: Using Connecting Themes In Fourth Grade S.S.

Unit 2:The Discovery Of North America

Unit 3:The Colonization OF North America

Unit 4: Forming A New Nation

Unit 5: Challenges Of A New Nation

Unit 6: Expansion Of A New Nation

Unit 7: Our American Government

Unit 8: Being A Responsible Spender By Learning From Our Past