ELA Resources

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

ELA Units

Unit 1: Perspectives in Time

Unit 3: The Journey To Knowledge: Numbers, Letters, and Learning

Unit 4: Code Talking Through Figurative Language

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Common Core Checklists from The Curriculum Corner

Math Units

Unit 1: Order Of Operations And Whole Numbers

Unit 2: Decimals

Unit 3: Multiplying And Dividing With Decimals

Unit 4: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, And Dividing Fractions

Unit 5: Geometry And The Coordinate Plane

Unit 6: 2D Figures

Unit 7: Volume And Measurement

Science Resources

Science Units

Unit 1: Cells

Unit 2: Chemical And Physical Changes

Unit 3: Electricity And Magnetism

Unit 4: Genetics

Unit 5: Earth Science

Alternative Integrated Frameworks

Earth's Changing Forces

Georgia Landforms

What's Happening: Physical And Chemical Changes

Classification And Genetics

Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Units

Unit 1: Using Connecting Themes In Fifth Grade S.S.

Unit 2: Effective Citizenship

Unit 3: The Civil War: A Nation Divided

Unit 4: Reconstruction: The Nation Reunited

Unit 5: Bigger, Better, Faster: The Changing Nation

Unit 6: Ups And Downs: World War I, The Jazz Age & The Great Depression

Unit 7: Hot & Cold: World War II & Its Aftermath

Unit 8: Overcoming The Past: The Age Of Civil Rights

Unit 9: Understanding The News: America's Role In The 21st Century

Unit 10: Effective Citizenship: Conclusion