ELA Resources

ELA Units

Unit 1: Ever Change Identities in Adolescent Literature

Unit 2: Georgia Authors

Unit 3: Success: Defining, Setting, Measuring, and Achieving Goals

Unit 4: Dystopian Literature

Math Resources
CCGPS Mathematics Wiki

Math Units

Unit 1:Transformations, Congruence, & Similarity

Unit 2: Exponents

Unit 3: Geometric Applications Of Exponents

Unit 4: Functions

Unit 5: Linear Functions

Unit 6: Linear Models & Tables

Unit 7: Solving Systems Of Equations

Science Resources

Science Units

Unit 1: Food & Cooking

Unit 2: Light & Sound

Unit 3: Energy In Our Life

Unit 4: Science With Toys

Unit 5: Sports

Alternative Integrated Frameworks

Fast & Furious Forces

Chemistry & Climate

It's Electromagnetic

Sense The Wave

Space Is The Place

Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Units

Unit 1: Connecting Themes Used In Georgia Studies

Unit 2: Georgia Geography & The Prehistoric Period

Unit 3: Exploration & Colonization

Unit 4: Statehood

Unit 5: The Civil War

Unit 6: The New South

Unit 7: The 20th Century

Unit 8: Post WWII Georgia

Unit 9: Civil Rights

Unit 10: Modern Georgia

Unit 11: State & Local Government

Unit 12: Adult & Juvenile Justice System

Unit 13: Personal Finance